You’ll Die If You Post Photo Of Christian Atsu’s C*rpse – Sonnie Badu Warns Bloggers

Sonnie Badu

Sonnie Badu, a Ghanaian man of God on a crusade against pork, has issued a stern warning to Ghanaian bloggers who are sharing a popular image of Christian Atsu’s crotch.

Karma is true, and what goes around, comes around, according to Badu, who warned anyone who was spreading the image in a video.

In a forthright statement, Badu warned that everyone who shared the image will one day suffer a similarly spectacular end!

He advised people to take into consideration that Atsu has a family, including a wife, children, and other relatives who might not want to see that going viral online.

Former Ghanaian star Christian Atsu was discovered earlier today after spending 12 days buried beneath the wreckage of the earthquake that ravaged Turkey.

Sadly, Atsu had passed away.

A few hours later, a picture of Atsu relaxing beside what appeared to have crushed him appeared online.

As the video became popular online, Badu issued a severe warning.

Video below…