“Christian Atsu’s death is not natural, yaanom killed him” – Sonnie Badu reveals

Sonnie Badu

Sonnie Badu, a well-known gospel performer from Ghana, implied that Christian Atsu’s early death was caused spiritually by unidentified people.

The “Covenant Keeping God” singer claimed that the earthquake was only a cover for the player’s death in statements he made following his death.

Sonnie Badu thinks that although though Christian Atsu’s death was the consequence of a natural calamity, he was actually murdered and haunted.

Although his tweet was contentious, Sonnie Badu supported the local sentiments of many Ghanaians who think that a young person’s death like Christian Atsu couldn’t have been an accident.

The malevolent family and friends who allegedly plotted Christian Atsu’s unexpected death by staging an earthquake that jolted areas of Turkey and Syria so it would look natural were referred to as “yaanom” in the local dialect.

Yaaanom… nanso y3b3 kas3 earthquake..