A 37-Year-Old Virgin Tells Why She Decided Not To Sleep With Any Man Before She Gets Married

A 37-Year-Old

A 37-Year-Old Virgin

A 37 years old woman by the name of Grace opened up on why she has decided not have affair with any man before she will gets married.

The woman detailed that she is a devoted Christian who has spent her entire life worshipping God in truth. She made a decision never to have intimacy with any man before she will marry because some men always deceive their girlfriends after they sleep with them. She too doesn’t want to experience that situation some of the women have been through.

Although she is a virgin but she has been having dreams about having affair with an unknown man for a long time. This spiritual intimacy has affected all aspects of her life, every business she decided to do collapsed within a few days. Sometimes making earns meet become a difficult task for her.

Grace added that all her siblings are married and they are staying with their husbands. But she is still single at age 37 and also staying with her mother.

“I only depend on the money my siblings have been sending to our mother because of the financial crisis I am facing. Men used to propose to me years ago and were willing to marry me, all of them wanted to sleep with me before they gets married but I didn’t accept their condition. I kept my virginity up to date, but it has been five years since a man proposed to her, I wish I am married and also produce my own children. Grace claims she has been to many churches to stop the spiritual intimacy and have a better life still nothing changed about her bad dreams.

The woman is pleading with the public for help to stop having those bad dreams and also get a man to marry.


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