Scrap WAEC now – National Council Of Private Schools demands

Scrap WAEC now - National Council Of Private Schools demands

Pressure continues unabated, to mount of the management of the West African Examination Council, WAEC, to receive the red light of its life since its contribution towards the development and life transformation of students is not making any positive inroads into the future of the students as a whole.

Last year, its outfit received huge bashing fanfiction against the conduction of Basic Education Certificate Examination which was resisted vehemently by some students and their teaching, accusing the authority of unfair and bias treatments meted out to them.

Since then, the private schools in general, have been at loggerheads with the management of the examination body for marking down their students due to some reasons best known to them.

Presently, the private schools are suspecting of the same anomaly that is likely to repeat itself as another BECE is pending to be undertaken in October this very year.

Therefore, to prevent any unforeseen happenings in the upcoming examinations, the national council of private schools association, has called for a total overhaul and scrapping of WAEC office nationwide since its impacts are not being felt by the students body as a whole.

According to the national council of private schools association, they do not understand why students would be in a classroom for nine good years and fully prepare for the examinations, but at the end of the day, WAEC would mark and give out certain unrealistic remarks to the students and insist that they have failed or performed poorly in this or the other subjects and therefore, they do not qualify for the next level. Which in the views of private schools association, is hampering and truncating the future aspirations of students with large scales of obstructions.



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