Meet The Nigerian CEO Who Has Never Cooked For Husband In All 20 Years Of Marriage

Mojisola Huponu-Wusu , a Nigerian wealthy woman has revealed that she has never been to the kitchen in all her 20 years of marriage to her husband.

Mrs. Huponu-Wusu disclosed this fact during podcast interview, on an episode of ‘Diary Of A Naija Girl’s, because she had never had the leisure to cook or do any household chores, due to the demanding nature of her work.

The CEO of Woodhall Capital went on to explain that her husband has never been perturbed by this circumstance all these years together, as she does different things to make her marriage work.

“I’ve been married for 20 years but I have never cooked in my home. I don’t even get the time to enter the kitchen because all my life has been about work.
All these years, I got to be true to myself and my purpose. I hope I’m not speaking for him, but,maybe, cooking is not my husband’s language. We have three kids.”