Achimota School Allegedly Denies Boy With Dreadlocks Admission

Achimota School Allegedly Denies Boy With Dreadlocks Admission. Ras Aswad Nkrabeah, who turns out to be the dad of a youngster who has been put at Achimota School by the Computerized School Placement System has taken to Facebook to harshly whine about the treatment the school has allotted to him.

He additionally unveiled in the post on his Facebook page that separated from his child, another kid was denied induction into the lofty government funded school by specialists of the school for a similar explanation.

Ras Aswad Nkrabeah adds that this is incredibly and disappointing in light of the fact that the 1992 constitution of Ghana permits individuals like his child to have that opportunity of relationship with respect to culture.

His full post reads:

Fellow Comrades and Friends,This morning, the school authorities of Achimota School claimed that their rules do not allow students with dreadlocks to be admitted. The school authorities denied two brilliant dreadlock students from being admitted after having been posted there by the Computer School Placement System. My son was one of the affected children and the other student was also refused on the same grounds. We have no option but to battle against this gross human right violation. As a child he has every right to his culture in so far as such culture do not breach the 1992 Constitution. He equally deserves the right to access education within his culture just like other cultural believers. As a Rastafarian, I think that dreadlocks do no way cause any harm which should even be a basis to be asserted by the school authorities. The fundamental questions to ask is what does our law say about right to one’s culture? Do you deny a child access to education based on his/her culture? Do public school rules override the supreme law of the land? Tomorrow I will be on TV3 to share some light. Will give update on time.Thank you for the Solidarity. Ras Aswad Nkrabeah.


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