Agradaa’s New Year Video Goes Viral


Fetish priestess-turned-woman of God Komfo Nana Agradaa, now known as Evangelist Patricia Asiedu (Mama Pat), has caused quite a stir as usual by sharing a video that has got internet users buzzing.

In the video, Agradaa is pictured alongside a few of her church’s “junior pastors.”

Agradaa made the decision to wish Ghanaians a happy new year as they were walking.

Agradaa addressed the camera while wishing Ghanaians a “Merry New Year,” referring to herself and her coworkers as “heavyway pastors!”

The Heaven’s Way Ministries is Agradaa’s ministry, if such a thing is ever possible. That appeared in the video as “heavyway.”

Netizens had a field day trolling Agradaa in the video’s comment section.

“Forget the merry new year, did she say heavy way pastor’s😂😂😂😂 kyeres3 her own church kuraa she can’t probably mention it😂😂😂” a fan replied.

Watch the hilarious video of Agradaa and her pastors below…


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