Anna Zappia Biography, Career & Husband

Anna Zappia

Despite being a well-known model, Mike Holmes, the businessman she has been married to for many years, may be the reason Anna Zappia is so well-known. What happened to her career?

There are countless ways to become well-known. Developing a relationship with someone who is already well-known and famous is the quickest approach to become well-liked.

It’s safe to say that Anna Zappia’s popularity stems from this.

She is undoubtedly a model and has some notoriety, but her husband helped her gain greater popularity.

We will talk about her past, husband, job, and other aspects of her in this article.

Anna Zappia Biography

Who is Anna? What have you heard about her?

Where was she born and who are her parents?

The United States is where Anna Zappia was born.

Her parents, siblings, birthplace, early years, and education have not yet been made public.

There is not much known about her background and that has been the case for people who earn their fame on the back of the exploits of other people.

When this happens, the focus is always on the relationship and no conversations are often centered on the past life of the person.

Furthermore, very little is disclosed by those who are secretive and do not want details about their prior lives to be made public.

Because of this, we are unable to ascertain Anna Zappia’s family history.


Anna Zappia is thought to be a model.

Although we do not have the details about her educational background, sources have it that Anna Zappia also practices law.

At the Zappia Law Firm, she serves as the Appellate Chair and has over 25 years of experience in employment and commercial litigation.

Her cases have involved wrongful termination, harassment, racial, age, and pregnancy discrimination, retaliation, significant whistleblower lawsuits, and commercial disputes involving copyrights, trade secrets, and unfair competition.

Anna Zappia Husband

Anna Zappia rose to fame after she began dating Canadian financier, TV personality, and philanthropist Mike Holmes.

Even though Anna Zappia and Mike Holmes have been together for more than 20 years, they have not yet tied the knot.

If you look at Mike Holmes’ Wikipedia page, you’ll see that Anna isn’t mentioned as his wife, but because of how long they’ve been dating, people frequently assume they are.


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