Quinton Anderson Reynolds Sibling: Meet Deidra Hoffman

Quinton Anderson

In 1988, on August 31st, Quinton Anderson was born. He was born in the American state of California. He is well-known in Hollywood for his work as an electrical worker, camera assistant, and digital imaging technician.

Quinton Anderson Reynolds is an accomplished young man as a result of the careers and successes of his late parents. He became more well-known after his father’s will was made public and was the focus of intense media scrutiny.

Loni Anderson and Burt Reynolds, two Hollywood celebrities, have adopted Quinton as their son.

Quinton Anderson Reynolds Sibling

Quinton shares the same mother with his sister, Deidra Hoffman.

Meet Deidra Hoffman

Deidra Hoffman is the child of renowned actress Loni Anderson and her ex-husband Bruce Hasselberg. Deidra’s parents wed when they were still fairly young, and their union barely lasted for two years. Loni had to raise Deidra by herself as a result.

There isn’t a well-known occupation for Deidra. In spite of this, she has been in a few TV shows. With her husband, actor Chris Hoffman, Deidra has two daughters. 2009 saw Deidra’s multiple sclerosis diagnosis.


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