Black Sherif’s New Song Receives Backing From Fans

Ghana’s trap music hitmaker Black Sherif has shared a minute intro of his next song and its is trending on Twitter.

Kwaku The Traveller hitmaker sung for 58 seconds of the song and fans are already loving the track which is highly expected to receive massive supports from other music lovers in the country and the world as a whole.

The date on which the new hit song is going to be released is not yet indicated by the
artiste but the fans are waiting seriously to endorse such a trending song which is just
the tip of the iceberg.

Music has been a very strong mode of communication between the artistes and their fans in Ghana and most especially Nigeria as it appears there is a serious competition between the artistes no Nigeria and that of Ghana because the moment any polific Ghanaian national releases any hit track or songs, then Nigeria do the same thing in their country which portrays the fact that they are watching.

It is expected that very soon Black Sherif is going to fix and announce a good date on
which his newest hit song will be released.



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