Church Of Pentecost Hands Over Prison With Ultramodern Facilities To Government (+Photos)

In spite of the reactions from all points, the Church of Pentecost has finished one out of the four remedial offices they are working the nation over.

Ghanaian veteran standup jokester, Kweku Sintim-Misa thought that it was clever that a congregation was building a jail for the country while the public authority fabricates a public house of God.

Artist Nacee additionally was of the view that the move wasn’t right with respect to the Church of Pentecost.

“As I would see it, it isn’t right for the congregation to assemble a jail in Ghana. All things considered, I would prefer to recommend that the congregation should fabricate production lines and make occupations for its individuals and others to get a beneficial wellspring of work,” Nacee said in a meeting observed by GhanaWeb.

The congregation has, in any case, given over the Ejura Camp Prison to the public authority in a brilliant service and here are a few pictures that followed the occasion.

Ejura Camp Prison ghbuzznews
Ejura Camp Prison ghbuzznews 2
Ejura Camp Prison ghbuzznews 7
Ejura Camp Prison ghbuzznews 9
Ejura Camp Prison ghbuzznews 1
Ejura Camp Prison ghbuzznews 8


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