Close at 6pm to avoid robbery – MoMo agents told

The National Chairman of Mobile Money Agents Association of Ghana (MMAAG) has called on all agents across the country to close by 6:00 pm to help reduce their risk to robbery attacks.

This follows the latest killing of another mobile money agent at Okorase near Koforidua in the Eastern region.

36-year-old Solomon Arhin was shot dead by armed robber(s) while returning home after closing from the mobile money business Saturday, June 19, 2021, at about 11:14 pm.

Solomon Arhin was shot in the chest by his assailant but his friend Charles Dankwa who was accompanying him during the attack escaped unhurt.

The robber could not take anything away as Solomon struggled to run into a house amidst shouting for help before he finally gave up the ghost.

Speaking to Starr News after commiserating with the bereaved family of the murdered agent at Okorase community, the National Chairman of Mobile Money Agents Association of Ghana, Delali Abotsie said increasing robbery attacks on their members is worrying making the business unsafe for members.

“To be very Frank, it is one too many and we are so worried as an Association. Actually, the guy belongs to the Mobile money Association of Ghana so I been the Chairman I am in the house to console the Family and I can see the rep of MTN here. We have come to solidarize with the family and see the way forward.

“One of the things I want my colleagues to note is about the time that we close from work. If possible, by 6:00oclock every agent should close and do reconciliation and go home. It is the best for all of us now. Because what is happening is too much. so I will let everybody close by 6:00 pm Nobody should stay at work. close and go home”.

He continued that “even Banks with Police protection they are robbing them and you who don’t have anybody to protect you why don’t you close Early and go home”.

He called on the government to suspend plans by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to tax Commission made by agents on mobile money transactions since it will force their members to stay in town for long period to increase their risk levels.

” I know some of my colleagues stay in town long because they want more commission and that is the problem. This thing has come so we want to restrategize ourselves and go back to the Central government that our Commission is why they are killing us so why GRA go and want to tax our cash out Commission again so the people will not have anything again to live on. So we want the central government to come to our Aide and just suspend that agenda of taxing our cash out Commission. Your security should be your prime importance to you ”

The General Secretary of Mobile Money Agents Association of Ghana Evans Otumfuo said the government should intervene to protect his citizens being killed by armed robbers for doing business to fend for their families.

“It is time for the government to come in since whatever we are doing government is in some way gaining revenue from us, we can’t face this battle all alone and it is time for the government to take stringent measures to curtail this menace being meted out to mobile money agents”.

The National Executives of the association urged the Police to expedite investigation to arrest the perpetrators of the heinous crime at Okorase.

Source: starrfmonline


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