55% of Ghanaian children want to leave Ghana; 11% undecided – Survey


A survey conducted by Child Rights International has revealed that 55% out of 11, 288 children between the ages of 12 and 17 sampled want to leave Ghana for greener pastures abroad.

Eleven percent said they were not certain about staying or leaving the country.

“55% of the respondents say they wish to migrate to another country, while 11% would either stay in the country or leave. A majority of the respondents cited greener pastures, education and better standard of living as reasons why they would leave the country when there is a chance,” the survey said.

On whether they are optimistic in the future of the nation, the survey said: “Nearly 80% of the respondents say they are optimistic about Ghana in the next 20 years. More than two in ten (22%) see the country’s future as bleak”.

On Education and opportunities, the survey said: “Over half of the children (53%) say they are optimistic. 47% of the respondents paint a bleak picture as to how the country’s current educational system would help them find jobs in the next 20 years”.


On religion, the research noted “81% of the children say religion is important. 73% of the children say religion is personal as opposed to religious affiliation of their family (parents or guardians) or culture”.

Source: starrfmonline


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