Critics Of Prayerful Mills Building Cathedral For God- James Agyenim Boateng mocks

Critics Of Prayerful Mills Building Cathedral For God- James Agyenim Boateng mocks

The building of the national cathedral has caused a lot of misunderstandings from far and near as many Ghanaians lambasted the government for initiating such a dead project. The same people who are currently speaking for the construction of the national cathedral building were the same people who chastised and vilified the former president John Evans Atta Mills when the man declared his stance on his religious inclinations.

The former president Mills used to organize prayer meetings at the presidency to seek the face of God for his guidance and protection upon the country but some people in the opposition then kicked against such a noble decision by the president saying that the presidency is not a prayer center but a serious business center.

The ex-president took it upon himself and established the prayer warrior tower with the name Aglow For Jesus where he instructed the members to be praying for the entire nation and other religious faiths for lasting peace and prosperity to rain in the country.

A former deputy minister of information under the late president Mills, Hon. James Agyenim Boateng has chided such individuals who are now claiming to be more spiritual and religious than the departed Professor Mills, that such people do not have the interest of God at heart but rather their parochial interest.

He questions why those individuals are rushing into that so-called building if they do not have any personal effects to derive from that luxurious project.

He stated that, during the era of the erstwhile administration of Prof Mills, people who called themselves the same Christian believers, reviled against the office of the president for instituting the prayer warrior tower because they claimed it would be a complete waste of financial resources on the national kitty.

But here we are, the same individuals are thinking they are at the helm of affairs and thus everything they say they will do, must come to pass without any hindrance.

The building of the national cathedral comes at the time that the economy of Ghana is in a recession process because financially, the country is struggling to attain a stable and formidable economic growth where the nation is the most expensive country to live in presently due to the high rate at which the inflation of the country is running against the world-famous Usain Bolt for the marathon race title.



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