Eagle prophet drops a very deadly prophecy about Abena Korkor (Video)

Abena Korkor

Controversial Eagle Prophet, a Ghanaian clergyman, has become the first and only man of God to issue a doom prophecy regarding bipolar Abena Korkor, who has never trended positively on the internet.

Eagle Prophet claimed clearly in an interview that the devil has seized Abena Korkor and that she requires severe deliverance from a powerful man of God.

During the interview, Eagle Prophet also predicted that Abena Korkor will take her own life by suicide.

Eagle Prophet also urged Ghanaians not to abandon Abena Korkor in these tough times, citing how she has been trending on the internet recently as evidence.

Abena Korkor is a blazing star, according to Eagle Prophet, and it is the devil’s effort to keep her vast and powerful destiny from manifesting.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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