Sam George, MP for Ningo-Prampram

The controversial member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram on the ticket of the opposition National Democratic Congress has made very damning allegations against the office of the Electoral Commission of Ghana, the EC, that the institution is secretly planning to use the Ghana Card for the creation of new voters register for the upcoming 2024 general elections for both presidential and parliamentary elections.

According to Hon. Samuel George Nartey who does not hide anything coveted from the perusal of the general public indicated that he had a reliable news source pointing to the fact that that is what exactly the Electoral Commission is bent on doing to disenfranchise some Ghanaian voters as they did it to them in the 2020 elections for presidential and parliamentary elections which incredibly brought the New Patriotic Party into the political limelight with massive doubts on the minds of Ghanaian voters in the country.

Hon. Samuel George indicated that if truly it turns out to be the fact that that is precisely what the Electoral Commission intended to embark upon without announcing any tangible steps to take such to avoid the chaos and deadly mayhems with brutalities with characterized the entire elections in Ghana, Ghanaian voters should be aware that then the Electoral Commission does not have the nation at heart but rather the hearts of the masters it serves intending to do their interest and bidding.

It is a normal activity of the Electoral Commission that what the honorable member of Parliament for the Ningo constituency is claiming about, to undertake a nationwide registration of new voters who have turned eighteen years and above and are of sound mind to exercise their franchise in any pending general elections to choose their respective and favorite candidates to represent them for four years in the presidential and parliamentary elections without fear of favor.

The only beef of Samuel George in his claim is that many Ghanaian voters do not have access to the Ghana Card and if the Electoral Commission intends truly to embark on such a national emergency exercise, a lot of people would not have the privilege and the voting rights to exercising the freedom, therefore, how the Electoral Commission intentionally disallowed certain group of people in some parts of the country from exercising their legal rights in the 2020 general elections, such actions are likely to be repeated without thinking thorough about the massive electoral frauds and ballot stuffing instances that were recorded before, during and after the elections even though the Electoral Commission denied any wrongdoing stating that such claims were only a figment of some disgruntled people who knew that they were bound for elections defeat.

Many Ghanaian voters would love to vote in the upcoming general elections therefore the onus would lie on the Electoral Commission to give them the ultimate chance so that they can register and take part fully in the elections but if that does not happen you can just imagine what would transpire on that fateful day when polls are finally opened for eligible voters to elect their most preferred president and members of Parliament to govern them for the next four years after the turbulent and disastrous regime of Nana Addo comes to an end where he would have no legal rights to contest 2024 presidential elections.



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