Samples Of Daniel Asiedu Matched With The Ones Taken In The House Of JB Danquah-investigator

Daniel Asiedu and JB Danquah

The murder trial involving Daniel Asiedu who is believed to have had a hand in the killing of JB Danquah has taken another nose dive as the prosecution is very close to determining the finality of the substantial matter.

It has been established that the finger and footprints taken at the residence of the slain JB Danquah, matched that of Daniel Asiedu.

The woman handling the case has indicated that despite the difficulties she endured in unraveling the genuineness of the case she is having a surf of relief because very soon, everything details of her investigation would silence the whole nation.

JB Danquah was killed under bizarre circumstances which were not explained to anyone till now. The matter traveled to the courtroom over and over but the final determination was not proclaimed.

The death of JB Danquah brought some wild unsubstantiated claims against certain prominent political individuals in the governing New Patriotic Party, who some suspected that their hands were bloody in the brutal murder Of JB Danquah.

Because the late JB Danquah had closed ties with the current president before his tragic demise, there was vile and cruel gossip against the person of the president himself due to the political nature of the era under which he was murdered.

Some people suspected contract killers to have done the unimaginable for many political reasons but which way ever it might be the real hands in the alleged murder trial would soon spill the beans.

It is still beating the imaginations of some people that such an ordinary Daniel Asiedu would have thorough access to the luxurious residence of JB Danquah and in the process killed him.

Even if truly he was the one involved, how was he able to commit the unthinking whilst different kinds of people were living in the house by then and none was able to capture him at once to serve as evidence and here we are, after over two years of legal tussles here and there, the investigator has declared what she found after almost three years of handling the matter.

The forensic experts from the Ghana Police Service were used from the very beginning to pick up the samples Of Daniel Asiedu but nothing like such details corresponding and talking with the ones taken from the guy alleged to have committed the murder case until now the prosecution has indicated a closed gap measure between knowing the truth from mere speculations and hallucinations.



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