Ewe marriage list: Ghanaian engagement list among the Ewes


The pair has duties to fulfill in the Ewe setting, including actions associated with the customary engagement list presentation.

Depending on the specific tribe and family the lady is descended from, the list varies. The future groom is typically given a shopping list.

Ewe marriage list

What are the items needed for engagement? Marrying from a Ewe family, the man has to pay for the bride price, which usually comes with a list. This list is commonly made up of, but not limited to, the following items.

Knocking price list

Knocking price is when the groom goes to familiarize himself with the bride’s family. It’s more like an introductory moment. At this moment, he asks for the bride’s hand in marriage. Below is a list of the items needed.

  • Two bottles of schnapps (Foreign One)
  • One bottle of gin
  • I crate of soft drinks
  • Cash worth GHC 100

What are the items used in traditional marriage?

Ewe traditional marriage list and other engagement requirements create a good bond between the two families. What does the Ewe marriage/engagement list entail? Below are items that should not miss on the list.


  • Engagement ring and Holy Bible
  • Six half pieces of cloth (Real wax)
  • Six pieces of headgear (Scarf)
  • Two pairs of sandals and two pairs of shoes, each with a bag
  • One big Echolac bag
  • Two sets of jewellery and wristwatches
  • 12 underwear
  • Six night wears
  • Six brassiere
  • Lady waist beads and one traditional pant
  • One catholic hymnal
  • GHC 600

Below are drinks that should be included in the marriage list of Ewe

  • Two bottles of schnapps (Foreign one)
  • One bottle of dry gin
  • One bottle of dubonette
  • One bottle of whisky
  • One bottle of akpeteshie
  • One pot of palm wine or GHC 30
  • Two cartons of beer
  • Two crates of soft drinks
  • Two crates of malt

Below are items the groom is expected to give to his inlaws.

  • Father-in-law GHC 250
  • Mother-in-law GHC 250
  • Brother-in-laws GHC 100
  • Half a piece of cloth (Real wax) for mother-in-law (with headgear and sandals)
  • One full piece of cloth (Real wax) for father-in-law (with one pair of sandals)
  • Amount to the family GHC 100
  • Thank you, GHC 50

Note: Thanksgiving items can be in the form of a sum of money or a crate of drinks given to the bride’s family members who are present at the ceremony. This is to thank them for coming to the ceremony and agreeing for their daughter to be given away.


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