From Vitz To Sonata To CRV – Asantewaa Brags About Her New Car

Ghanaian Tiktok celebrity Asantewaa recently unveiled a new vehicle!

2023 has gotten off to a great start thanks to the 25-year-old Tiktoker and her dream automobile. She recently purchased a beautiful, black Honda CRV for herself.

She claims that she has advanced from a Vitz to a Sonata and now to a CRV.

She made a video on Tiktok that has gone viral celebrating her victory.

Asantewaa is depicted in a video with various images of her posing with her vintage autos.

She is first pictured standing next to her Vitz automobile, followed by her manager’s Sonata that she was later seen sitting in.

The God of Asantewaa must really be working! After losing over GHC 300,00 on a so-called building project, she’s gotten money to buy herself a car.


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