#FixTheCountry: I should fix my attitude, but you blocked me from dredging drainage systems- John Dumelo laments

John Dumelo reminded Ghanaians when he was requested to quit digging drains in Ayawaso West Wagon. He calls it egotism to advise him to fix his disposition while acting like an adversary of progress.

The hopeful MP for Ayawaso West Wagon took to his Facebook to remind #FixYourAttitude adherents and Ghanaians that there isn’t anything amiss with his demeanor. In a Facebook post, the lawmaker shared a memory from the most recent year when he had a brush with the sitting MP, Maa Lydia, over a venture in the supporters.

He expressed, “A year ago, I acquired earthmovers to fix an issue locally. I was halted by the public authority. The downpours are in again and the issue actually continues. At the point when I whine, they say I should fix my demeanor before I can advise them to #FixTheCountry. Such egotism!”

John Dumelo facebook post
John Dumelo facebook post

A year ago, John Dumelo carried earthmovers to dig drains which cause flooding in the voting public during the stormy seasons. Be that as it may, he was countered with a no grant issue and requested to stop the activity.


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