Former Barcelona Fullback Dani Alves Sentenced To 18 Years For Rape

Dani Alves, a former Brazilian fullback for Barcelona, was found guilty of rape and received an 18-year prison term in Brazil.

Alves was accused by a woman who said she was the victim of sexual assault by him last month in a nightclub in Barcelona.

A judge in Spain remanded Alves in custody after hearing testimony from the lady and a witness on Friday.

The victim reportedly waived her entitlement to financial recompense on Monday, stating that she “simply wants to make sure that justice is done and the soccer player goes to prison.”

In a TV appearance, his ex-wife, Dana Dinorah, claimed the 39-year-old football player could not have done the crime he was being accused of.

After his arrest and incarceration, she stated that she is living a nightmare and insisted that he would “never” commit the sex crime of which he has been accused.

However, on Wednesday, a court sentenced him after finding him guilty of the crime, ending his more than two decades-long football career.

His family has reportedly requested that he be kept in protective custody because they are concerned about him being sexually assaulted in the federal prison.



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