Ghana Was Not Disastrous As This Before I Joined Occupy Ghana Protest – Joy Fm’s Samson Ladi Anyenyi admits

Samson Ladi Anyenyi

It was during the era of the erstwhile administration of the former president John Dramani Mahama, that, a group calling itself “Occupy Ghana”, staged an unprecedented demonstration against the government of the National Democratic Congress when the former president John Dramani Mahama was governing the country due to power challenges but now, nothing much is heard of such a group either it is functioning or it has become defunct because there was a regime change as championed by the members of the group.

The administration of the former president John Dramani Mahama saw and felt countless politically motivated demonstrations organized by some prominent individuals who claimed they did not align themselves with any political party in the country.

One of such individuals, Samson Ladi Anyenyi, a lawyer and the host of News File on Joy FM, a political talk show program used to be probing issues dispassionately affecting the nation, has revealed that things were not in a dire situation as we are facing currently before he joined the Occupy Ghana protesters to demand accountability during the reign of the erstwhile administration of the former president John Dramani Mahama.

He added that the critical situation Ghana faces at this present juncture, is so turbulent and disastrous which can not be compared with what was happening under the look readership of the ex-president John Dramani Mahama before they organized those national shaking protests to put the government of Mahama under its toes before they the architects of the demonstration were sick and tired of the leadership style of Mahama hence their planned decision to demand a regime change but as it stands now, what we are witnessing at this moment in the country, is more serious and deadlier than what we experienced during the era of the National Democratic Congress led by John Dramani Mahama.

He additionally indicated that it was due to perceived leadership failure which instigated their activities those days to drive home their demands for a change of political leadership which eventually outed the government of John Dramani Mahama and whilst this disastrous one was chosen by Ghanaians to take over leadership mantle after voting for the New Patriotic Party into the political limelight to govern the country after trying John Dramani Mahama with the fate of the country which could not stand the test of time as many educated elites joined their hands and toppled his government with several forms of well-orchestrated protests to painting his government bad in the eyes of many.

According to Samson Ladi Anyenyi, those of them who joined others in the Occupy Ghana protest on that fateful Friday activity, things were completely out of hand due to the struggling power challenges faced by the country at the time but notwithstanding, the current economic situation in the country at the moment, is more severe and harsher than what they witnessed in the government of John Dramani Mahama over five years ago when he was at the helm of affairs.

But, a similar demonstration is being organized to take place hopefully next week in the national capital of Ghana, Accra.

This time around, there is a change in the organizers of such a similar rallying of Ghanaian youth to stage a mammoth demonstration to demand proper accountability from this government after it failed woefully to restore the economy of the country from its recession and debilitating comatose nature as profligate spending and financial malfeasance have become the best order of the day.



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