Government Will Surely Address Problems Facing Private Sector – says President Akufo Addo

President Akufo Addo

The president of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, has given the strongest indication yet about his government’s preparedness and readiness to address challenges the private sector employers face are obstructing smooth and easy growth of the sector.

The president gave the assurance when he met some selected chief executive officers from the Ghana Investment and Promotion Centre, GIPC, in Accra.

According to the president, he has the private sector development at heart because it has a very large quantum of economic viability that must be harnessed so that the ailing economy of Ghana would be returned to track with the sense that, the government can not do it solely therefore, there must be a very viable collaboration and partnership between government and those at the private sector for mutual concerns and benefits.

The president used the occasion to appeal to investors who are willing to invest in the country; saying, ” The gates of Ghana are opened to prospective investors who would like to be part of the success stories of Ghana to do so because there is the enabling environment possible for their hospitality and acknowledgment”.

He further charged executive officers of the center to do their ultimate best to woo business owners and investors into the country to help grow the economy through the building of investor confidence in the country where they will boost the economic prospects of Ghana in general.

The challenges facing the private sector employers are too wanton to fathom because, the supports that they need from the government are not forthcoming hence the collapse of some notable companies which negatively impacted the falling standard of the country’s economy whereby the government is unwilling to state emphatically that the economy is unstable, therefore, more hands are needed on desks to help restore the economy to track.

Still, he is blindly denying the fact that the economy is in a total mess and tatters which requires urgent prudential economic planning to arrest it from falling beyond the appreciable rate.

It is clear enough to many Ghanaian people that, all is not well in the country when it comes to matters relating to the finances of the country because, from how things are shaping up in the country, the evidence is so glaring to all that there is no way the government would refute the assertion of Ghanaian youth who are watching the happenings with eagle eyes that the economy of Ghana has broken down beyond repairs.

Whilst the president and his appointees try to swive people through their antics and gymnastics as to whether the economy is broke or not, the evidence on the ground is real that the people of Ghana do not need any so-called financial economist to tell us the current status quo of Ghana’s economy as to if it is falling or it is rising; everything is obvious that all is not well about the financial status of Ghana and thus, the economy is in utter ruin and debilitating comatose without remedies as a stop-gap measure from the government to salvaging it from further deterioration.



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