GPRTU Increases Transport Fares By 30% Next Weak

The Ghana Private Road and Transport Union, GPRTU, has announced an upward surge in transportation of persons nationwide by a whopping percentage of 30, starting from next week.

According to the officials of the association, the decision to further increase fares, becomes necessary as a result of their inability to fully cater for their families due to the facts that, the cost of buying spare parts and poor management of the economy, have been the factors largely taken into consideration before arriving at such a pensive concluding so that they could at least, save their business and trading activities from being collapsed.

According to them, Ghanaian people and everyone who uses vehicles and lives in Ghana will bear a witness that, cost of living and doing business in Ghana, has shot up massively and thus, surviving under such an ailing economy currently, it is proving difficult for them to live a meaningful and that is why they have to take the necessary steps to avoid deterioration of their dear lives from being ruined.

They further indicated that, prices of water, electricity and foodstuffs, have also been increased by exponential amounts and which,, if tough decisions are not made, things will completely get out of hands.

It is a fact in Ghana at the moment that, things are not picking up in the right appropriate direction when it comes to financial matters because the economy of Ghana is struggling to survive under the current state which is making life unbearable and uncomfortable for many Ghanaians.

As some people continue to complain bitterly about the economic infractions prevailing in the country, the government took steps in alleviating the plights and economic challenges of Ghanaian public employees, increased their cost of living allowance by an insignificant amount of 15% and after that immediately taken effects, the utility providers in the country, have also unanimously increased their prices in rendering services to their customers nationwide.

It is a worrying trend that, those working at the private sector, are yet to receive any facelift when it matters most of their financial progress but cost of everything in the country has shot up significantly while leaving their salaries in one position.


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