Focus On Making Good Music, Grammys Is Something Not Easy To Get – Hammer of The Last Two

Focus On Making Good Music, Grammys Is Something not easy to get – Hammer of The Last Two

Record Producer and entrepreneur Edward Nana Poku Osei also known as Hammer of  The Last Two in the Ghana music industry has inspirit Ghanaian musicians to work very hard and improve their crafts to open doors for them in reaching greater opportunities worldwide.

In an interview on Class 91.3 FM’s weekend entertainment show on 20th March 2021, Hammer reveals: “Why are people still talking about the Grammys like it is something which is not easy to get”.

“There are millions of songs all over the world and the whole continent is scrambling for just one category,” he said. Grammy is not something they should look up to”.

“I think they should make great songs out there and when they are being promoted around the globe and on a big record label, they will find themselves at the over-rated Grammys”. Hammer aims to educate up and coming musicians on the business side of music with other stakeholders.

”The structures are wrong and we are not going to wait for somebody to vote us into power before we educate people,” he disclosed.


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