Groom Jumps On New Wife To Perform Bedroom Prowess In Front Of Guests (VIDEO)

Groom Jumps On New Wife To Perform Bedroom Prowess

Groom takes over the trending list after jumping over the new bride and perform bedroom prowess in front of all the wedding guests.

Without waiting for a minute or two to get home, a groom seen in this viral video has jumped on top of his newly wedded wife to perform his bedroom prowess.

He as it appears showcased his prowess right in front of guests that attended his wedding.

Elated that he had finally secured a woman to spend the rest of his life with, he jumped on top of his newly-wed wife and displayed his bedroom prowess.

They performed the act on a new mattress that they had been gifted at the wedding.

Guests who had turned up at the wedding, including children, cheered him as he displayed his ‘bedminton’ skills.


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