Heaven And Hell Are Not Real – Popular Ghanaian Pastor Finally Reveals, Drops More Secrets

The founder and leader of Life Assembly Worship Center, Christian Andrews, popularly known as ‘Osofokyiriabosom’ has stated categorically that there is no heaven and hell and so Christians shouldn’t worry about that.

The pastor, who is also the founder of the political party, Ghana Union Movement Party (GUM) made these revelations of heaven and hell while speaking with Angel FM on Thursday, March 17, 2022.

He mentioned that the Bible is just a book that was made for Israelites and so Christians should not depend on it so much. He added, that, no Christian should go to those churches that always preach that there is Hell and Heaven.

Heaven and hell

” Where from this Bible say this, Bible says that the Bible was written for Israelites and not for Ghanaians. We should be looking at how to make our lives better, that’s the goal. I am saying today, no Christian should visit churches that preach about Heaven and Hell because there is nothing like that.”

” Everyone will live their Heaven and Hell on this earth. If you have a bad mentality, you will suffer on this earth and so that will be your hell and if you have a good mind, you will also enjoy your heaven here. There is no heaven and hell anywhere else.” Rev. Christian Andrews boldly revealed on Angel FM. and Angel TV.

SOURCE: www.ghbuzznews.com


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