What God Showed Me About ‘Masturbation’ -Sister Catherine Reveals [Video]


Kate, a well-known reverend sister who always preaches about rapture and hellfire repentance, has shared a message she claims she received from the Lord about masturbation.

In a live video session she held, she revealed the message she received from God. Kate said God is against masturbation and anyone that engages in it will end up in hell fire. She also warned people not to touch their private parts, whether intentionally or not. Doing so will lead you to hellfire.


The fact that many individuals are interested in this activity does not necessarily imply that it is morally acceptable. Because your body is God’s precious temple, you must keep it free of all impurity. Please keep in mind that simply touching your private parts is a transgression against God if you have such a desire in your heart. Also, keep an eye out for any negative thoughts in your head. “It’s true.

She warned people not to engage in anything unholy like masturbation or touching themselves because it would lead us to hell fire.

SOURCE: www.ghbuzznews.com


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