How long are you willing to wait and continue to build as love brews in the trenches?


Usually, when we observe couples who have remained faithful (love) to one another for years, we wonder if we could be as patient.

Sometimes we do wonder why we weren’t fortunate enough to meet the proper person straight away, someone who would offer us every incentive to stick around and grow.

We sometimes criticize our first love for being excessively possessive, carefree, and uninterested in the lovely love narrative you two were trying to write.

Every other person on the planet yearns for enduring love.

Can I find a lover I would stick with through all the ups and downs?


Well, how long are you ready to wait? Are you just concerned about having everything for yourself now, or are you focused on building a strong foundation for your love?

Love has become even more fragile in this age where the vicissitudes of life do not allow us to be patient enough to compromise, forgive, and build.


The question is, “How long are you ready to wait?” The story of love does have a great ending if the partners are committed to a cause, unselfish towards each other, and ready to stay through it all.

What if I don’t get a partner who has those qualities? You may ask Well, are you also a partner who has those qualities?

Ordinarily, we search for better people to complete us or even act as a cover over our weaknesses and flaws, but the fact is, you cannot attract someone who you are not.

And even if you succeed in getting someone out of your league, you do not have the qualities needed to keep them.

“Love brewed in the trenches. How long are you ready to wait and build?”


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