How to unblock yourself on WhatsApp after being blocked

WhatsApp being one of most confidential app it also has many users as well. WhatsApp gives the user an authority to block anyone who maybe a disturbance or annoying to the user.

Many have fallen victims of blockage, in one way or other they can’t reach their friend as before. Now the solution on how to unblock yourself is as follows

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your Android or iOS device and go to Settings, select account.

Step 2: Click on delete my account and enter the phone number which you are using on WhatsApp. Remember doing this will erases all your WhatsApp data and even removes you from your friend’s blocklist. So first make sure you want to do this action.

Step 3: Once you click delete my account button WhatsApp will need your confirmation. Tap on the “Delete My Account” button once again and your WhatsApp account will get deleted.

Step 4: Once you’ve deleted your WhatsApp account uninstall it from your device and if it leaves any folder or data delete it personally. For iOS users, uninstalling does perfect job as no data is left behind.

Step 5: After you’ve completely uninstalled WhatsApp from your device, restart your phone.

Step 6: Go to App Store or Play Store and install WhatsApp on your phone again.

Step 7: Register using the same number however make changes to your name. That’s all once you’ve signed up for WhatsApp again, you’ll be unblocked by everyone who blocked you.

Disadvantage of this action is that by end of it you will have quitted all WhatsApp groups. So you will have to organize for your friends to send you the links afterwards.

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