Meet The 32-Year-Old Dude Who Did Surgicals Just To Be A Dog

Very interesting and alarming situations seem to be occurring each and every day, reasons, sometimes, behind these, turn out to be extremely peculiar and unlikely.

Technology has always been an excellent tool for human development, yet the knowledge of the recent available cutting-edge medical equipments has led to a great misuse, by most individuals who feel they have the right to become whatever they want, with these tools at their fingertips.

Most of such people see nothing wrong with the need to change their physical features through plastic surgery — a very expensive process.

Much can be written and debated with regards to the recent craze in transgender acceptance, leading to very deadly, unlikely paths.

One of such examples is an everyday man by the name, Tom Peters.

Having lived all his life as a man, the 32-year-old has invested a lot of money in plastic alterations, urged on by an ultimate desire to live as a dog.

Tom, reportedly, lost a pet dog very dear to his spouse, which led to the irreversible act.

He sold a hefty portion of his hard-earned properties to afford the process, in order to change his body and mannerisms to that of a Dalmatian dog – one with black spots all over white skin.

Such an extraordinary narrative reflects the kind of society evident today, where many, across the globe, now dig into unhealthy norms of finding unrealistic, preferred self-identities, through medical means, once they get the satisfaction they so desire.