Ministry Of Land And Natural Resources Staff Member Sentenced For Extorting GHC 200,000


As scores of Ghanaian nationals continue to greatly bemoan the level at which galamsey operation in the country has completely degraded the beauty of their environment, there are other Ghanaian people who are going behind the scenes to make sure that they benefit significantly, from the country as they attempting to sell their birth rights in exchange for money. Complaints have been lodged that some government officials have been abetting crime with regards to galamsey operations in Ghana since they are the brains behind those who are illegally working down the lanes to extract gold entombed beneath the earth through crooked means.

Now, it has come to light that, one of such government officials who is not lucky enough this time around, has been caught for extorting large quantum of money from individuals under the pretence of giving them concessions to prospect their gold if they could comply with his dictates.

One of such individuals, is an employee of the Ministry of Land and Natural Resources, who has been arrested and handcuffed shamefully in public for charging huge colossal amount of money from various Kinds of people with the promise to release lands to them from which they could easily engage themselves in extracting gold without any restriction from government security forces. Mr. Gabriel Gyamerah Sarpong, has been arrested by the police officers after receiving diverse kinds of complaints against him for allegedly, extorting money from people in the sum of Two hundred thousand Ghana cedis when he promised his victims of aiding them to successfully mine gold in some reserved areas in the country since he is working with the ministry of land and natural resources.

But his cup has been filled this time around as he found himself in the firm grip of the police officers when they captured him behind bars.

He is expected to spend fifteen years in jail after he was charged upon collation of incontestable facts and undeniable evidences contained in the investigations done against him.


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