My wife and I spent 300cedis on our wedding – Okyeame Kwame

Okyeame Kwame and his wife revealed they spent 300 cedis on their wedding in 2009.

According to Renowned Highlife musician, businessman and relationship coach Kwame Nsiah- Apau, popularly known as Okyeame Kwame, they decided to have a simple marriage. They told Johnnie Hughes in an interview on the heart bay segment of TV3 NewDay morning show about how they had to compromise to ensure they both meet at a point of understanding.

Annica revealed that she wanted a simple wedding, whereas Okyeame Kwame would have preferred a lavish wedding. But after discussing and negotiating, they agreed to go for a simple ceremony. She said, “Aside from the rings that we bought, it cost us 300 cedis to marry, but this was 12 years ago. What it was was that I did not want a very elaborate activity. So what i believe and Kwame does too is that the marriage is not the ceremony. It is the activities after the ceremony. What happens between the two of you. So all we needed were witnesses, that is all.”

Okyeame Kwame added that they just went to sign at the registry and had lunch at a local chop bar. “We went to KMA( Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly), there were seven of us. We signed, and we were done. And I remember that that cost us 150 cedis at that time. And then, with a few friends, we went to Adum in Kumasi to go and eat fufu. Done. Marriage was done.”

They also slammed the idea of couples going for loans to have a lavish wedding ceremony. The celebrity couple believes that the money from the loan could be used for other businesses, which will yield great results. But reiterated that it all boils down to a personal decision.
Annica said, “We also did not want to start out using loans for marriage. If i will use loans for anything, it has to be something profitable. When people come and eat the chips and drink, and they go. They are going with spasms of my money in their eyes. And that is not what we want.”
The couple said that they believed in each other values, and it has since been the key to their successful marriage. They said that most of their preferences contradict, but they can complement each other efforts.

Okyeame Kwame advised singles to marry because it is an opportunity to bring forth and raise children in a balanced home. And also because it is great to have the opposite sex as your friend and companion.
“Marry for two reasons, one because it is an opportunity for raising children and another one is because it is great to have the opposite sex as your friend and companion,” he said.

By Aaliyah Duvi-Rony||Ghana


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