National Cathedral Trustees Are Misleading The Public – says Ablakwa

National Cathedral Trustees Are Misleading The Public - says Ablakwa

There is a startling revelation about some kinds of suspicious activities of members on the board of trustees managing and supervising the ongoing construction of the National Cathedral building in Ghana.

Earlier, it was announced that according to the board of trustees that the project is a national project and not the property of the president neither does it belong to any private individuals or companies rather it belongs to the people of Ghana.

According to the National Democratic Congress Member of Parliament for Tongu, Hon. Samuel Okudjeto Ablakwa has credible sources that could allude to the that that the board of trustees is not reliable even though they claimed to be working in the name of God.

The member of Parliament stated that his records and fact checks have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the board of trustees for the construction of the national cathedral building, craftily and cunningly, registered the name of the national cathedral as a private entity but telling wicked and dangerous lies to Ghanaian people that it is a project owned by Ghanaians.

The president himself recently declared that it is the project of the whole country and thus Ghanaian people you contribute towards the construction of the national cathedral knowing very well in his heart that what he was saying was not coming from his deepest heart but rather his uncouth mouth.

It is sickening to learn that people whose resources of the state are entrusted to their care have turned out to be vampires and serpents digging down the grave of the people who are paying the taxes before they are enjoying.

Many unreliable pieces of information churned out by the members of the board of trustees overseeing the conversation of the national cathedral project are not dependable because such individuals working on the project are working on shredded deals due to what they know they are receiving from the project since the beginning of the work.

Hon Ablakwa is an individual who thinks fast and deep hence his decision to privately investigate the background details of the members of the board of trustees supervising the national cathedral building because of how some people on the board are peddling different kinds of information to the general public regarding the issues surrounding the construction of the national cathedral with some sort of underhand dealings of what others have been accusing them of that they are engaging in secrecy.

Due to how serious members of the public are smelling a rat on the part of the members, it forced forcibly one of the board members tendered his resignation last week causing public uproar and anger in the minds of Ghanaian people who are contributing hugely to seeing the success of the project coming into fruition.

If the claims of the member of Parliament for Tongu are anything else to rely on as a credible source, then the members of the board of trustees presiding over the construction of the national cathedral building project in Ghana, have questionable characters that nobody should have anything to do with any of the members on the board because they are all there for their parochial interest just to amass wealth for themselves.



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