NPP Sends Delegation To Adwoa Safo Not To Reveal Filthy Secrets – Tamale Central Mp claims

Sarah Adwoa Safo Sacked

The member of Parliament for Tamale Central, Honourable Ibrahim Murtala Mohammed, has given a damning account of how some unreliable individuals in the governing New Patriotic Party are doing everything they could to gagging the dismissed minister of gender and social protection from speaking about activities and happenings leading to her dismissal by the president of the republic of Ghana His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo.

According to the lawmaker, he has incontestable facts and proofs that, the leadership of the New Patriotic Party, had sent a well powered delegation to go secretly and calm down nerves with Honourable Sarah Adwoa Safo who felt embarrassed and shamed by the draconian decision meted out to her by the president and she is threatening that if nothing reasonable is done in alleviating the reproach and disgrace caused to her office by an extension to her personality, she is going to spill the beans over certain unknown and unidentified clandestine agenda of the party and its leaders including the present president to the general public.

Therefore, according to him, based on that revealing episode he learnt about, he is finally convinced and persuaded that, the New Patriotic Party is secretly planning and zoning out a very dangerous and harmful tangent to playing with the ostrich.

The allegations being leveled up against the member of Parliament for Tamale Central in the person of Hon. Murtala Mohammed, are so damning and degrading that if urgent steps are not taken immediately by the New Patriotic Party, such remarks could jeopardise its chances and opportunities in the upcoming general elections which its seeks to winning political power once again to breaking the eight years jinx of mantle in the history of the politics of Ghana.

Even though the leadership of the NPP is yet to react to his unsubstantiated claims and assumption against the party, others are going in his favour to say if it is not true there is no way the leaked informations that he had stood upon to coming out with, would not be credited into his name as yet to be disclosed undisputed evidences.

This very reputable and trusted media house, also reported last week about the sacking of the minister for Gender and Social Protection, Hon. Sarah Adwoa Safo who left the shores of the country for a while now after which she was persuaded by the political bigwigs in her Party, New Patriotic Party to return back to the country and continue her lawful mandate as a cabinet minister but all attempts and persuasion proved futile leaving the president no option but to sack her from her juicy and mouthwatering portfolio as the minister of state in charge of gender and social protection who doubles as the member of Parliament for Dome Kwabenya in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

The sacking of Hon. Adwoa Safo, sparked numerous controversies as some insinuated she is not in the good books of the president hence her unfortunate dismissal from office whilst she cools off in the white man’s land for a break.

Honourable Ibrahim Murtala Mohammed, who goes to the lawmaking house on the ticket of the main opposition political party, the National Democratic Congress, spoke an individual and thus, his views do not entirely represent the views of his party because his party is yet to throw its weight behind him to attest to the fact that yes indeed, what our member of Parliament for Tamale Central has churned out to the general public is something resilient and evidential enough to stand on and incriminate such individuals thought to be the main architects in sending the alleged delegation to meet Hon. Sarah Adwoa Safo in her private chambers so that every detailed information and secret she has in her possession that seeks to cause instability and destabilising of the fortunes of the party, should be killed in the mud.



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