Pastor Elvis Agyemang fires and blasts King Nasir and Shugatiti on Alpha Hour


An anticipated sexual exchange between American adult film actor King Nasir and Ghanaian socialite and nudist Shugatiti caused a stir on social media months ago.

You may recall that Shugatiti stated in an interview with Zionfelix some time ago that despite having slept with so many guys, she had never had an orgasm.

In order to show Shugatiti that there are people who can push her to her limit so she quits boasting online, King Nasir offered to make her experience orgasm after learning about the interview.

This sparked online teasing between Shugatiti and King Nasir followers, who cast votes on who they thought would triumph in a “atopa” match between the two.

King Nasir took it a step further and began fundraising to make this a reality, where everything would be aired live and people would pay to see the much-discussed match.

When King Nasir offered to make Shugatiti experience orgasm for the first time in her life, Twitter was ablaze with individuals’ fervent reactions.

Over 10,000 tweets were written about Shugatiti and Nasir, who had taken over Ghana’s Twitter area and were both trending at the top two positions.

Months later, Pastor Elvis Agyemang, the founder of the largest online nighttime prayer movement Alpha Hour, contributed his two cents to the discussion, sparking a social media frenzy.

Pastor Elvis has vehemently condemned the act by these perverts as he has described it as something unworthy for the youth to rally behind.

He further maintained that his perspective on this issue is clear and as such doesn’t care what others may think about or the insult he may be greeted with.

Pastor Elvis waded into the conversation during one of the episodes of his most-watched midnight prayer Alpha Hour.