Paul Pogba removes beer bottle from Euro 2020 news conference [VIDEO]

First it was Cristiano Ronaldo and now it’s Paul Pogba.

The day after Ronaldo made headlines by removing two bottles of Coca-Cola at a news conference and then encouraging people to drink “agua!” (water) instead, Pogba has gone viral for removing a bottle of Heineken beer.

The 28-year-old Frenchman, who is a practising Muslim, made no comment on the matter – just discreetly moved the non-alcoholic beer and placed it below the table during a post-match press conference.

It came after he played a starring role in France’s 1-0 Group F victory over Germany at Euro 2020 and was awarded the Heineken ‘star of the match’.

It is understood Uefa does not see the players’ actions as an issue, despite the incidents involving two of their high-profile sponsors.

The market value of the American drinks giant lost around $4bn after Ronaldo’s actions. The firm, which is worth, almost $240bn, shrugged off the impact.

“Everyone is entitled to their drink preferences,” said Coca-Cola in a short statement, adding that each individual has different “tastes and needs”.

Sources: BBC



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