Rainstorm Forces Tolla Basic School Students To Vacate

Rainstorm Forces Tolla Basic School Students To Vacate

A heavy rainstorm, has caused massive havoc in the Upper East region of Ghana, where the educational structures of a basic school in the community, had been rendered completely useless and dross.

The shocking rain caused countless ripple effects to the students of Tolla basic school in the Talensi district of the Upper East region of Ghana.

The storm, forced the entire school including the management to vacate the students due to the unavailability of infrastructure facility in which they could learn in and acquire knowledge.

The rainstorm, which lasted for several hours, pulled down the whole building and ripped off the roofing sheets used to fence the building of the school.

It is as a result of that, the management of the school, had decided inconclusively, to allow the children go to their respective parents until other preparations towards the construction of the building are finally embarked upon.

The repercussions of the rainstorms in the community were so severe that, no place is left available for the kids to continue their academic activities as their places of teaching and learning were totally destroyed by the torrential downpour in the district of Talensi in the Upper East region of Ghana.

The management of the school, is currently appealing to benevolent organisations to come to the aid of the students and the school as a whole so as to help the academic activities of the school go on uninterrupted because the future of the teenagers are at stake.

The school is a public basic school owned and operated by the government but it is not clear if the matter has been drawn to the attention of the government and the education ministry though the district educational directorates are also available in the district to help solve some of those pertinent issues under their jurisdiction and not at all times expecting the government to give the green light before they are able to carry out certain pressing needs of their subordinates in the district.

But it must be noted that, such vulnerable students need urgent attentions so that they could early back to school as soon as practically because of the volatile nature of their environment where certain individuals who are not well mannered and cultured continue to take advantages of the students in the community because, they are all over on the streets due to the closure of their school as emanated from the destructions of the rainstorm.

If the district directors of education in the community care enough about the plight of those defenceless pupils, then the onus lies on them to make sure the appropriate things are done to briskly bring back the learners into their classrooms and not that, they are not their children therefore, their attention would not be given.

The taxes being paid by the parents of those individual members of the school were the rainstorms wrecked havocs, are the ones being used to paying the district officers of the Ghana Education Service and therefore, they must quickly rise up on their toes to as a matter of an urgency, come to the rescue of the students because their biological children are still going to their various schools to acquire wisdom and knowledge but those poor kids whose classroom structures have been ravaged, are still in the district galavanting where it is possible for the lawless, notorious, miscreants, recalcitrant and bandit individuals, to abuse and molest such teenagers.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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