Stop making women wear head coverings, says the founder of Deeper Life


The PriestW.F. Kumuyi, the overall direction of the further Critical Life Book of Sacrosanct Works Church, has supported familiarizing his progeny alongside quitting making the wearing of head covers by women in his gathering an alleviation because an extraordinary arrangement of head covers causes power and smell.

Kumuyi spread the word about this in communication on the Facebook page of his assembly, the Ekiti branch.

His words ” Someone is coming to our gathering, surprisingly. Also, she’s a woman not covering her head. We request that the sole cover her head before coming by. We don’t know if the existent is unaware of God. We go out there and defy her before she enters the social event. We could not say whether she does not have the outermost indication of how to ask or guess. Anyhow, we force the rules on her. “Awaiting I were existent, I could consider what kind of tabernacle is this? Assuming that they oversee me like a grade school, youthful lady, that will be my last hall moving near to the collection. ”

The clergyman communicated that in light of the chosen covering, it’ll be there in a jiff, “heat in the hair and it’ll shoot scent,”

He kept lamenting that several ladies had stopped being respectable to their musketeers since they were soon married.

Kumuyi said, “There are two or three ladies who aren’t fascinated by their soul mates. Some feel that because they’re wedded, they aren’t typically committed to looking great in front of their better half. Some single sisters are bad.

If I do not tell you, maybe no one will.

will. There are two or three life cohorts who dress tragically and are, at this point, not fascinating to the man. Several single sisters are bad. Anyone who’s searching for the hankering of God may not be drawn to them.” The Favored Book says to each lady that asks or supposes.” The provocation driving why you’re covering is that perhaps you’re requesting or assessing. “


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