Switzerland Pledges Support For Ghanaian Palm Fruit Producers

Switzerland Pledges Support For Ghanaian Palm Fruit Producers

The acting Head of Cooperation at the Switzerland Embassy, Anne Schick, has expressed the country’s readiness to support Ghanaian farmers who are into palm fruit production to help them gain value for their produce.

Anne Schick indicated that Switzerland is fully charged and prepared to lend support to farmers who need the financial backing for their products so that they will not regret venturing into that traditional vocation. Currently, the ministry of agriculture is the Ghanaian state institution that is funded by the government to provide every needed resource to farmers in Ghana who need assistance financially by aiding in supplying them with the right appropriate fertilizer that will enhance high yields for their farm businesses.

Currently, in the country, Ghanaian farmers are at the loggerheads with their minister of agriculture Hon. Akoto Afriyie for not helping them out with the approved and rightful mechanized fertilizers that are helpful for the boosting and growing of their farm crops and based on that, the farmers are blaming the minister for not being fair and transparent enough to them because they believed that the minister is trying to shortchange some of them because of their inability to be well educated and acquainted with the appropriate usages and measures to adopt in reaching out to the hands of government authorities.

But as the Switzerland Embassy has spoken, it is going to be good news to all the Ghanaian farmers who have been praying for such laudable support for a long time now and as it has been reported that they would be provided with their needed resources, it is not also going to be easy for the farmers to have close access to the Embassy of Switzerland in the sense that the government of Switzerland is not going to deal with the Ghanaian farmers but rather through the government of Ghana.

Ghanaian farmers will not be all that happy to receive any facelift towards the development of their farm businesses except if they are given support directly through their members who are coming from amongst themselves because they are the ones who are known and trusted by their colleagues.

Some of the farmers are already applauding the announcement made by Anne Schick from the Switzerland Embassy of the readiness of the country to assist Ghanaian farmers to produce more palm fruits production for their economic fortunes and emancipation.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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