Tanzanian girl and her mother stir reactions with dance styles

A Tanzania girl and her mother have both stirred controversial reactions on social media with their weird dancing styles in a video making rounds on the internet.

The young lady started the dance when her mother joined her later in stage. Njokimurirah who is a content creator, was dancing and when her mother spotted her dancing styles, she joined her in the fray before they both continued with their skills unabated.

The young lady has been making rounds on social media platforms for her interesting dance videos and many users of the internet love them to the best of their satisfaction.

Those who deeply have interests in what they are doing with their dancing styles acclamation continue to spread the videos on all other social media platforms since it keeps people laughing all over the world most especially, on the African continent in particular.

Ardent followers of social media are still tuned and glued to their mobile money gadgets just to have a feel of what this enterprising content creator has been doing together with her mother due to how many people have admiration for their dancing moves which had gone viral since their acts emerged out of the blues.

The mother joined the young lady boldly and with much confidence without any shyness on her face even though looking her age and that of the child, many thought she was going to advise her daughter to desist from such a dancing style since it could be interested in another negative sides but rather, she joined the circles of dancers to entertain herself to the maximum level of her heart desires.

Just watch the video and have a great feel of what others are smiling about on the other social media platforms to relax the day with humour and laughter.

Watch video below:


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