The Inside Story Of How Man Killed By Lion At Accra Zoo In An Attempt To Steal Cub

A certain middle aged man believed to be in his thirties has been killed by a lion at the Accra Zoo.

According to the forestry commission, the alleged intruder was spotted around the premises of the Zoo on Sunday afternoon at about 12:00pm thereof after he managed to scale the security fence of the Zoo.

In what is expected to be an attempt to steal a cub, the intruder who is yet to be identified, was immediately pounced upon by the lions and he was subsequently devoured completely into total pieces.

In a statement issued by the commission, authorities disclosed that the said intruder was attacked and injured within the inner fencing of the enclosure. This eventually led to his untimely death due to the injuries he sustained from the biting and bruising from the lions after they pounced on him mercilessly.

His body has since been deposited at the morgue, meanwhile, the forestry commission in a related development, says, the lioness and the two cubs remain secured in the enclosure at the Zoo. The commission further stressed that no lion has escaped from the Zoo, as a result of the incident following the tragic demise of the intruder who came and caused his own death as a result.



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