Why the new craze for big Butts using creams, pills and surgery among Ghanaian women

Why the new craze for big Butts using creams, pills and surgery among Ghanaian women

It’s no secret that African women, especially those from my motherland Ghana, possess natural curves that are the envy of women around the world. With their ample derrieres, they never need any form of enhancement to look stunning.

However, in recent years, a new trend has emerged where women who, by nature, do not possess this signature curve are turning to surgical and chemical enhancement to achieve it. This trend has taken on a life of its own, propelled by social media and the rise of popular entertainment figures like Moesha Buduong.

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Back in 2017, Moesha’s voluptuous figure and undeniable talent captured the attention of Ghanaians and beyond, cementing her status as a bona fide socialite. Though this trend may have its roots in Ghana, it has spread throughout Africa and beyond, raising questions about beauty standards and societal pressures to conform to them.

Ghanaian women have embraced a new trend of using creams, pills, and surgery to augment their buttocks, leaving many wondering who is to blame for this recent craze. Chris, an observant Ghanaian, believes that the pressure to conform to societal standards of beauty is the root cause of this trend.

It appears that having a big butt is the ideal body type for women in Ghana, and as such, women are willing to try any means possible to achieve it. However, the risks involved in these procedures are enormous, including life-threatening complications, leading one to ask if the cost of having a bigger butt is worth the risk.

It’s no secret that many women are determined to achieve their desired body shape. Some turn to unconventional methods like butt enhancement creams, pills, and oils. While I don’t judge anyone’s decision to use these products.

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I’m skeptical of the reasons they give for doing so. It’s time for the FDA and other state agencies to take a closer look at these products and determine if they’re safe for the women who are purchasing them. After all, ignorance is not always bliss when it comes to your health.

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