“Why Won’t You Tell Us The Truth? — Berla Mundi Takes A Swipe At Akufo-Addo Over Incessant Dumsor

Newly-married media personality, Berla Mundi, who is not impressed with the sudden and frequent power outages in Ghana, has decided to ask the President of Ghana some questions.

According to Ghbuzznews.com, she wants to know the reason his appointees and communicators keep lying to Ghanaians that these recent light inconsistencies are not what is referred to as ‘dumsor’.

In a tweet, the TV3 broadcaster complained, bitterly, about having to stay in the dark for a long time on account of the frequent power outages.

Berla Mundi went on to state how nerve-wracking it has been to look for ways to safeguard her electrical gadgets so that the irregular power outages will not destroy their efficacy.

Moreover, most Ghanaians do not seem to happy with the recent menace regarding the light outages, because it is affecting their livelihoods and businesses.

Here is Berla Mundi’s post on Twitter :

“Good morning Sir, with all due respect, why are your communicators still insisting that the energy crises are as a result of faulty transformers, when PURC had clearly described that as factually inaccurate?
Why are we not being told the truth when you can clearly see we are suffering?”

The hope is on that His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo might see this and respond to it as soon as possible to curb this menace of increasingly unbearable power faults.