Yilo Krobo MP Chastises ECG For Continuous Power Cut To Constituents

Yilo Krobo MP Chastises ECG For Continuous Power Cut To Constituents

The Member of Parliament for the Yilo Krobo constituency in the Eastern Region of Ghana, Hon. Albert Tettey Nyakotey has berated the Electricity Company of Ghana for its continuous power disruption to the residents in his constituency.

The member of Parliament has become angered by the willfully and complete disregard towards the pleas of the community members to restore power supply to them but all attempts to plead with the power authorities in the area proved futile and unyielding.

The Electricity Company of Ghana in the constituency has taken such an audacious and entrenched stance not to bring power to the residents until they refrain totally from attacking and unleashing mayhems on their workers in the Eastern Region most especially, in the Yilo Krobo constituency.

It is at the backdrop of that decision through which their member of Parliament, Hon. Albert Tettey Nyakotey has descended on the authorities of power supply to the constituency describing their static position as highly unacceptable and disheartening.

The member of Parliament has indicated that if the Electricity Company of Ghana workers in that part of the country do not do the necessary corrections by restarting power to the community members again for a certain period, he is going to tack legal action against the authorities for depriving his constituents of their fundamental human rights and privileges.

The residents too have complained bitterly about the inability of power in the region which is making life unbearable and uncomfortable for them because the unavailability of power prevents them from doing businesses that will enable them to pay their dues and other supporting taxes but as the power is not being resolved, they are sleeping in the dark while many cold stores in the community have reached the state of deterioration.

Unfortunately for the mortuary workers, they declared last week that they are going to discharge bodies kept in their morgues since they can not continue to endure the stench that emanates from the decomposition parts of the lifeless bodies laying down on their stables.

It is not however clear how long the impasse between the constituents of the Yilo Krobo constituency and that of the employees of the Electricity Company of Ghana but whatever the case may be, there must be an amicable settlement of their differences for lasting peace and tranquility to prevail in the constituency for progress and development for total transformation.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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