A lady narrates what happened to her boyfriend after preparing him food with her menstrual blood and that of her friend

Our world is hostile and dangerous. Behind closed doors, wicked and scary things are being done that make you sick to your stomach.

After a little misunderstanding, a young woman went to great lengths to show her lover “pepper,” which is yet another worrisome development.

When they went back, the woman allegedly made the decision to mafia her boyfriend Kelvin, with whom she had an argument a month earlier.

Only God knows the true reason behind her choice, but she said that she cooked for him using both her own menstrual blood and the blood from her friend’s used pad.

She wanted to give the boyfriend a lesson he would remember for the rest of his life, but she went too far, and as a consequence, the boyfriend is now gravely unwell as a result of the menstrual blood-laced meals she has been feeding him.

According to confessions of her terrible deeds posted online, the unnamed woman feels bad but is unsure of how to tell her boyfriend that he has become ill. Well, some women!

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