Aisha Huang Entered Ghana Illegally – government clears air

The government of Ghana has jumped into the defence of the illegal and notorious Galamsey miscreant noted for committing heinous and nefarious activities in relation with her acquisition of Ghanaian documents, Aisha Huang, for claiming that she entered the country through unapproved routes.

The denial of government’s understanding of the whole nation wrecking behaviours exhibited by custom officers at the various entry points of the country, has become necessary due to the fact that, Ghanaian people are livid and revolting against the stay of the woman in the country who was deported back to China but due to unexplained circumstances, she found her ways back into the country suddenly because, she has the wherewithal to grease the palms of border control officers who have been assigned to maintain proper security safety and surveillance thoroughly to forestall any unforeseen circumstances and invasion of foreign nationals, who may jeopardise the prevailing peace and security of the country.

According to government, after carefully and thoroughly assessing and studying the documents obtained by Aisha Huang, it has been confirmed and established beyond any reasonable justification that, the said illegal galamsey kingpin, forged and doctored Ghanaian papers without lawful approval and authorisation.

Therefore, the people of Ghana and the diplomatic communities, should be noted with concerns that, Ghana is a country with solid ground and foundation hence she will not allow any incursions and intrusion of terrorists activities or foreign protocol breakdown for any individual to perpetrate crime with an impunity.

The seat of government has quickly denied as ever creating hoop hole and weak systems for an easy access to people with records of criminality into the country because, many Ghanaians have registered their apprehension and revulsion about how government or public institutions of the state, bypass laid down procedures and regulations governing their operations and grant access to those who have money to grease their palm.

The fear of the government is that, if it confirms that Aisha Huang secured public Ghanaian documents legally, then, the anus of government would be exposed beyond description and by that one logic thinking step approach, it refutes claims that, Aisha Huang obtained documents including the Ghana cards which scores of Ghanaian people themselves are still struggling to acquire.



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