Custom Division Intercepts 7,000 Donkey Sex Organs To Hong Kong

A quite strange and weird news has emerged that some faceless characters have been arrested when they attempted to ship seven thousand donkey penises to Hong Kong for reasons best known to the undertakers.

The excellent and exceptional manner in which the custom service officers have undertaken their operations and swiftly arrested those transporters of donkey penises to the Hong Kong City of China, has been praised and extolled by many without any complacency even though those they have detained, tried through many ways and means to induce the officers from effecting any arrest on them with monetary inducements, the officers unanimously jettisoned their persuasion and did the contrary.

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The Custom Service Officers working at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in the commercial hub of Nigeria, Lagos, has been the centre of this very disturbing episode.

One wonders what exactly such suspicious elements are actually transporting the donkey penises to China to do but the fact of the matter is that they really know what they have been using such substances or tools for in that country.

Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Nigeria, has been a place where many illegal behaviours and activities are being engaged upon but due to the strictness of the officials working there without compromising on their duties, such faceless characters are being detailed and prosecuted through the right appropriate paid down laws and regulations governing the operations at the airport.

People are shipping to Hong Kong, the sex organs of donkey for businesses to be undertaken without explaining their motives behind those clandestine and fishy deals.

According to the officials at the airport, they have received a prompt tip off about their activities and thus, covetedly mounted surveillance on them so that they could not escape from the net of the custom service officers and luckily, they have been arrested with seven thousand pieces of donkey penises being shipped to Hong Kong.



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