An MP And Others Plotted To Assassinate Me – Metro Tv journalist claims

The host of Good Evening Ghana on Metro Tv, has allegedly levelled an attempted assassination on his life by certain hooligans and miscreants in society who have been aiming at him to be killed because of how he does his journalistic works in exposing their filthy and fishy activities being embarked upon against the state and the citizens as a whole.

According to Paul Adom Okyere, he has been reliable and factually given detailed and revealed disclosures by the state security apparatus to his person that, some faceless and untrustworthy individuals in Ghana who are very prominent politically, are planning covetedly, to assassinate him after which he committed no crime against such people stated to him by the security forces of the country, Ghana.

Paul Adom Okyere revealed that, he has been reliable informed that, one member of Parliament is also secretly involving trying to plot in terminating his life with the support of other assassins recruited to kill him on a contract killing mission.

He stated that, he is very much aware of the personal identity of that very member of Parliament and he is not going to leave any stone unturned whereby his personal life and that of his beloved family would be exsangunated without any justification as he strongly upholds and believes that, he has not offended or committed any heinous crime which could easily warrant such endangered species in society to be after his life.

Paul Adom Okyere has been and is being an individual journalist who occasionally uses his political talkshow called Good Evening Ghana on Metro Tv, to defend and shade political appointees loyal to this incumbent government of the day after they have been cited on any grand scheme of looting the scarce resources of Ghana as even “prima facie” evidences contained in their looting brigade activities have been provided to substantiate their criminal involvement.

The same Paul Adom Okyere, in the past few weeks, heavily descended on other journalists who could be older and more experienced than he does after their asserted that the minister of finance and economic planning, Ken Ofori Atta, had found himself in a state of conflict of interest as he continues willfully to be the government advisor on contraction of foreign loans because he is the founder of Data Bank.

In the view of Paul Adom Okyere, Ken Ofori Atta could not find himself in that unfounded and unestablished statement they were trying to cite him in because he has been reported to have been doing same since 2014 before this president government assumed power.

But it is not however clear to many if indeed such utterances uttered by him damningly, could be the case of the assassination attempt he is claiming being plotted and machinated against his personal life and that of his family in general.

But which way ever it takes, killing people do not give guarantee to anyone in Ghana as a means to avenge himself after being offended.



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