#BBTitans: Yemi Cregx And Khosi Get Busy Under The Sheet (VIDEO)


The BBTitans roommates Khosi and Yemi Cregx shared some intimate moments last night after lights out.

From the time they met on opening night, the two were thought to have a particular bond.

Khosi and Yemi were the first people to visit Biggie’s home, giving the public a glimpse into what seemed to be an intriguing relationship.

Yemi’s charming and gentlemanly assistance with Khosi’s earring repair on opening night prompted online people to search for the couple’s ship.

The couple kissed before heading to bed after the Head of House games on Monday at midnight, becoming the first couple to do so in the house.

Meanwhile, in a previous conversation, Khosi had stated her wish to put an end to whatever was taking place between herself and Yemi.

The former said she wanted them to break up and spend more time with the other residents of the residence.


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